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 Community and Support
Community and Support

In this section, you can read stories written by ordinary people as they tell us what it is like to live with and, in some cases, overcome hepatitis C.

If you are interested in writing your personal story about hepatitis C and having it published by the Hepatitis C Support Project, please email alanfranciscus@hcvadvocate.org for more information.

“But let us remember, we cannot wait for others to tell our stories. We must remain visible, vocal, and unified.”*

*Yvettte Sangster and Ed Kramer

This site includes links to files you can view online or print. To download and print information, you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it free.

Alan's Story (html)
  PDF version

Andrew's Story (html)
  PDF version

Brad's Story

Brian's Story

Bruce's Story

Carol's Story

CD's Story

Dee's Story

Gerald Moreno's Story

Jake's Story

Jason's Story - Part 1

Jennifer's Story

Johns Story

Karen V's Story

Kathleen's Story

Leslie's Story

Lucinda's Story

Martha's Story

Mike's Story: Part 1

Robin's Story

Rosa's Story

Sanjiv's Story

Twila's Story

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