Diagnostic tools: Various tests to diagnose and manage hepatitis C including various biochemical marker, imaging, liver biopsy for grading/staging liver disease and HCV RNA (viral load) tests.




o   1661. New reference interval for serum ALT does not identify hepatic pathological changes in Chronic HCV genotype 4 patients.



o   1650. Long-term evaluation of fibrosis by Transient Elastography in patients clearing HCV on antiviral therapy.

o   1656. The Extent of Liver Fibrosis Measured Using Transient Elastometry Predicts Mortality in HIV Patients with Liver Cirrhosis.

o   1660. Comparative study of prognostic value of non-invasive diagnostics methods of liver fibrosis (Doppler ultrasonography, elastography and FibroTest) in patients with chronic viral hepatites B and C. (updated Nov 13, 2009)

o   1664. Prospective clinical trial on the accuracy of non-invasive tests to predict liver fibrosis in chronic HCV patients.



o   1629. Paired Biopsies Illustrate Racial Differences in Fibrosis Progression in HCV Patients.

o   1651. Percutaneous Liver Biopsy: Purvey of the Gastroenterologist or Radiologist? (updated Nov 13, 2009)

o   1654. Diagnosis of occult HCV infection without performing a liver biopsy.