HIV and Hepatitis C Coinfection:  Disease progression, epidemiology, and liver transplantation.



·        LB3. HIV entry and replication in stellate cells promotes cellular activation and fibrogenesis: Implications for hepatic fibrosis in HIV/HCV co-infection

·        135. Liver-related mortality in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients between 1995 and 2005 in the French GERMIVIC Joint Study Group Network (MORTAVIC 2005 Study in collaboration with MORTALITE 2005, ANRS-EN19)

·        138. HIV-HCV coinfection: similar rates of cirrhosis and death than HCV alone, outcomes not averted by HAART

·        259. Five years assessment of the risk of end-stage liver disease in HIV/HCV co-infected patients treated for a chronic HCV infection (updated November 3, 2007)

·        264. Fosamprenavir in HAART schedule induces a rapid virological and biochemical response to HCV coupled to Th1 boosting in HIV/HCV coinfected patients

·        342. Negative Impact of Abacavir on Response to pegIFN plus RBV in HIV/HCV Coinfected Patients (updated November 4, 2007)

·        343. Sustained Virologic Response (SVR) To Peg-Interferon Plus Ribavirin In Genotype-4 HCV-HIV Coinfected Patients (updated November 4, 2007)

·        345. Re-treatment with Pegylated Interferon plus Weight-Adjusted Ribavirin in HIV+ Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C: The PILOT-NR Study (updated November 4, 2007)

·        1353. Natural history of hepatitis C virus infection in HIV-infected individuals in the era of HAART: systematic review and meta-analysis

·        1354. Validation of simple indexes (FIB-4, APRI, Forns index) and platelet count for non invasive prediction of liver fibrosis in HIV-HCV coinfected French patients.

·        1359. Frequency and Significance of F-Actin Antibodies (FAA) in HIV/HCV Co-infected Patients

·        1372. Influence of interferon (IFN)-based therapy on liver fibrosis progression (LFP) in HIV/HCV co-infected patients


Liver Transplantation

·        535. Anti-HCV Immune Responses modulate recurrence of HCV infection and severity of liver histology after liver transplantation in HIV/HCV co-infected patients



·        1300. Patients coinfected with HCV and HIV who achieve an RVR (HCV RNA <50 IU/mL at week 4) or cEVR (HCV RNA <50 IU/mL at week 12) have similar rates of SVR to monoinfected patients treated with peginterferon alfa-2a (40KD) (PEGASYSŪ) and ribavirin (COPEGUSŪ)

·        1333. Outcomes in HIV-HCV Co-infected Genotype 1 Patients Treated with Peginterferon alfa-2a (40KD) plus Ribavirin (RBV) 1000/1200 mg/d: Predictions Based on a Generalized Additive Model (GAM)